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VIDEO: Watch as Rickman fights for his life in the hospital after Grenade attacking him

Today morning has really been a hard one for singer Rickman and girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba. This is after singer Grenade attacked them.

According to Sheilah, they were at La Terreza partying when Grenade approached them and tried to come to their table. They bounced me off twice and he ten got violent and threw a bottle at Rickman which cut his lower lip. The Picha singer then jumped over the fence and got onto a boda thus running away.

In Grenade’s narration, Rickman attacked him and tried to beat him. In fact he wants to kill him because he at one time dated and chewed his girlfriend, Sheilah Gashumba. However, according to Sheilah, Grenade uses heavy drugs such as cocaine and they have even never dated maybe in his dreams.

Sheilah proceeded to attach a video of Rickman with a damaged mouth at Nakaseero Hospital with the Hangover singer getting it sewn.

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