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VIDEO: It’s about Sheilah Gashumba! Grenade gives his side of the story says Rickman is jealousy

Singer Rickman Manrick and Grenade Official had a fight yesterday night that led to one of them being hospitalized.

People have been wondering why they fought and what could have been the problem between them two.

According to Grenade Official, the main reason is because he dates Sheilah Gashumba five years ago and they had what they had.

Right now it’s Rickman Manrick dating her but he is very jealousy just because the two used to date in a past.

Unfortunately when they met in the club, Rickman Manrick tried to fight Grenade Official but he was stronger enough.

He ended up throwing a glass at him that cut all his mouth and face which left him hospitalized.

“I dated Sheilah C Gashumba 5 years ago and we had what we had, I don’t know why Rickman Manrick now wants to k1ll me” – Grenade Official speaks out

Here is the video;

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