VIDEO: Unique clothes Evelyn Lagu bought her son to wear at her burial

Singer and actress Evelyn Lagu breathed her last on Monday 18th September 2023 in the hands of her son.

It happened after five years of struggling with sickness concerning the heart and kidney.

For the all the years Evelyn Lagu has been sick, she has been preparing for her death because the doctors told her that she can’t live for long.

In the preparation, she got an opportunity to buy her son clothes that she thinks would look very good on him at her burial.

Even when she was announced dead, the son immediately told the media that hee mother had already bought him clothes to wear.

During the burial he was very confident abd thanking people who have been their for his mother because she has struggled with sickness.

In the speech he concluded by saying that he knows his mother is probably seated besides God and she will be looking after him all the time.

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