VIDEO: New Information! Here is the truth about Bruno K’s baby mama Dorah

Singer Bruno K real name Bruno Kigundu is in the media once again on matters concerning another lady he has pregnanted.

This lady is known as Dorah and it is said that she has been dating Bruno K for just one year.

She found out that she was pregnant a few months ago and after revealing the news to Bruno K, the singer ran away from her.

He blocked her on her social media platforms and went behind her back to tell the family some of their issues.

According to Dorah, she is 34 years of age and she is a mother of a 7 years old child.

Hee family is close to Bruno K’s family but that wasn’t the intention of getting pregnant. Like any other lovers she was in love and the pregnancy came out as a result.

The truth about Dorah is that she is a business woman who works in a cosmetics business.

Bruno K lied to her that he will be promoting her business and her making money out of it which wasn’t the case.

Dorah is actually two years older than Bruno K and she has been her sponsor in everything that he has been doing even paying for his music videos.

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