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VIDEO; Ugandan man destroys saucepans after wife leaving him for another man

A Ugandan man has destroyed saucepans after his wife allegedly left him for another man.

He said the woman told him that he was poor in bed and she needed something better that’s the main reason why she left to be happy.

So many people tend not to manage their anger when it comes to family. Most of them or break things to let the anger out.

This man was very much angry when the wife left him and to keep it in his mind that she is not going to come back, he had to break the saucepans.

He said he doesn’t think he is going to her a woman any time soon that’s why he decided to even break the saucepans.

He told his friend that once he comes across the man that is having his wife, it is definitely not going to end well for both of them.

Here is the video;

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