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Who is Jovia Mutesi? Family and Education background

The Busoga Kingdom has earlier today unveiled Jovia Mutesi as the Inebantu of the Kingdom (Queen of Busoga).

The royal wedding is expected to take place on Saturday, 18th November 2023 at Christ Cathedral in Bugembe.

People are wondering who she is especially her family and education background because that is the most interesting part of it all.

Jovia Mutesi is just 24 years of age and she grew up in Busoga. She studied from the same Busoga region.

Not a lot is known about her family but the kingdom promised to come and talk about it a little more.

We will keep you updated

What you didn’t know about Her Royal Highness Inebantu (Queen of Busoga), Jovia Mutesi who was unveiled today.

She hails from Bunha Chiefdom situated in Mayuge District.

The Kyabazinga Isebantu Wilberforce William Gabula Nadiope IV recently visited her parents, in a private traditional ceremony.

Although the name Mutesi is commonly used by Banyarwanda and other western Uganda tribes, Jovia Mutesi a Musoga woman from Baisemenhya clan. (Mutesi means Princess) .

The Isebantu Wilberforce William Gabula Nadiope IV will officially wed Inebantu at Christ Cathedral- Bugembe on Saturday, 18th November 2023.

Funvugha Iseife Kyabazinga gha Busoga
Tusangaire Inebantu

Obusoga Bulaire.

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