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VIDEO: Watch as Zari tears Ritah Kaggwa apart

Socialite Zari Hassan decided to reignite her beef with social media blogger, Ritah Kaggwa.

It should be noted that the two ladies haven’t seen eye to eye for some time.
Ritah Kaggwa has always made it a job of hers to attack and shame Zari.

She does not only stop on criticizing Zari’s personality but always goes after her kids too.

And when Zari got the opportunity, she couldn’t let it go to waste. She decided to rip Ritah Kaggwa apart.

Apparently the UK based social media blogger had gone to a hospital for a surgery to cut down on her fats.

This was a surprise especially owing to the fact that she has always called Zari plastic for undergoing lot of surgeries to get the body she has now.

However after the surgery on Ritah, there wasn’t any much difference a thing that amused Zari who went full throttle on body shaming the blogger giving her a bit of her own medicine.

She added that Ritah is so ugly and so are her kids and this was God’s punishment to her for always attacking other people.

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