VIDEO: Omukunja Atasera caught red handed cheating on girlfriend King Sheebah

Struggling singer Omukunja Atasera has been caught red handed cheating on his girlfriend King Sheebah.

The two has travelled to Qatar to do some perfomances but it hasn’t been going on well like they expected.

They started with Omukunja struggling after being locked up in an aeroplane when they were traveling their.

Now they are fighting because Omukunja was found with another lady and King Sheebah said she couldn’t stand being disrespected.

Omukunja has been denying dating King Sheebah. He said he was just helping her to get better however that looks different according to Sheebah.

She said she knows she is ugly but Omukunja has been her for some time in their privacy.

Here is the video;

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