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VIDEO: Another hot video of Pretty Nicole released on social media

There is anotger trending video of famous Pretty Nicole that has been released on social media of her dancing with friends.

Pretty Nicole is a very young girl who trended on social media after her friend Queen Kaftah slapped and kicked her fir stealing the boyfriend.

When the video was posted on social media, fans were very angry at her friend but kind of felt pity for Pretty Nicole.

They suggested she should be taken back to school which they did. But she didn’t like where they put her because she recently escaped their

During that break there was news making rounds on social media that she might have been exposed by her ex boyfriend which wasn’t true.

Hajjat Kulthum decided to help Petty Nicole again by putting her into a better school which they did.

Although she is at school, there are videos of her that are making rounds on social media and it is best clear she had so much to enjoy.

Here is the video;

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