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VIDEO: You’re so disrespectful – Yung Mulo exposes Mesach Semakula

Faded singer Yung Mulo has exposed band legendary Papa Mesach Semakula. He said he is very disrespectful to the young musicians.

There hasn’t been any musicians that have complained about Mesach Semakula’s behavior. Most of them like him and tend to use him as examples.

That is very different when it comes to Yung Mulo. He said he doesn’t understand why he is so disrespectful.

He said they met at a certain concert and he was acting very strange. Being so young, he said people expect him to be arrogant.

But the fact that Mesach Semakula the older one was the one arrogant, he had to back down and show so much respect for him.

Here is the video;

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