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VIDEO: Watch Alien Skin expose Abitex’s thiefty

Alien Skin has spent the past couple of hours getting roasted, slandered, blackmailed and threatened by NUP supporters. This is after he said that he owes them nothing.

The origin of this saga is over a video the singer recorded a couple of months ago complimenting President Museveni.

Surprisingly it’s now that it is gaining momentum and jas landed the singer into trouble.

All this came up after the Fangon boss fell out with the promoter over the Nkwacho festival. In a live video the two had mediated by comedian Kabata, they labeled accusations against each other.

Abitex told Alien Skin how he has never been loved by the people and he was only getting a favor because of his likeness to Bobi Wine.

The promoter has made it a point to always throw the NUP president on his arguments. This is because he knows that the instant Alien makes a mistake in his statements, he will get roasted by social media.

The Fangon boss however told Abitex to keep Bobi Wine out of their wrangles. He added that they fell out over monetary issues as the promoter didn’t pay for the Nkwacho festival in time.

Abitex threatened the Tonkaka singer and added that he wants his money by all means and he will pay it. This was after telling him how he will soon collapse because of his bad manners especially with other promoters.

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