VIDEO: Singer Shakira Shakira appears on stage with bare b00ty

Ugandan struggling singer Shakira Shakira has done it again. She appeared on stage with a bare b00ty.

Shakira Shakira has been struggling to make to the top in her music career but she has been failing. Most of her songs don’t go as viral as she wants.

Now she is using other methods to make it and one of those is dressing the way she wants so that she can attract other people to follow her.

Yesterday was too much because she appeared on stage with a bare b00ty swigging it in front of fans.

There has been some tends where female musicians are complaining about fans touching them badly while performing.

But for Shakira Shakira, she seems unbothered and she is okay with fans doing whatever they can after all she is the one that is attracting them to do that.

Here is the video:

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