VIDEO: Hajjati Kulthum to take Pretty Nicole back to school

It seems like Hajjati Kulthum the widow to the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata is prepared to take back and support social media popular teenager Pretty Nicole back to school.

Appearing in a video together, Kulthum told Pretty Nicole that she wants her to go back to school and study and then get a degree.

Pretty Nicole agreed as she wants to get one so that she can get respected. This appeased Hajjati Kulthum who has over time expressed support to the girl child.

However Pretty Nicole fled from school a few months ago as she said that she doesn’t understand what is taught at school.

She revealed how she wants to start doing music and even released a gospel song. Nicole owned the headlines weeks ago when rumor had it that a s3xtape of hers had leaked to the media. It’s not clear if she will indeed go back to school and settle down into books this time round.

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