Video: Bobi Wine and family take struggle to another level

They say that a healthy mind leads to a clear oversight of everything and helps you to take charge of your body. And this semes likewise politician and singer Bobi Wine has decided to do.

The NUP boss is training so hard in boxing amd you might think that he probably wants to take the struggle to the ring.

Together with his two sons, Solomon Kampala and Shadrach Mbogp, the Kyagulanyi’s put in some heavy work with their personal trainer. It should be noted that the Firebase boss once tried a hand at boxing which didn’t materialize. However he still has a passion for the sport and does it as way to keep safe.

Amd maybe one of his sons could take up the sport professionally. Also since it’s the sport of the ghetto, there is no way he would give up on it.

And by the time 2026 hits, Kyagulanyi will be in great shape to lead another charge against President Museveni’s regime.

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