Video: DRAMA! TikToker Dr Cephco farts in girlfriend’s mouth

Being a girlfriend to TikToker Dr Cephco might be one of the hardest things on earth. This lad is always willing to do anything to capture the attention of the camera.

It should be noted that he’s previously dated some of the most controversial girls such as Yvonne Nakankaka and Jowie.

On top of that he’s been in and out of prison for opening his mouth fwaaa and he’s also been involved in other numerous scandals. Despite all this Cephco however hasn’t learnt a thing amd continues to act childishly.

In a video accessed online, he can be seen farting into his new girlfriend’s mouth. A drunk Cephco first sits on her head. Despite her telling him how she’s not interested in his games, he goes ahead to pull off his stupid gimmicks. And he ends up farting in her face.

Quite a couple of people have been calling out this behavior and others criticize the girls who accept to date him.

What do you think?

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