VIDEO: Disrespectful fans throw SUSU bottles at Nwagi on stage

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Mwagi was forced to walked off stage after disrespectful fans threw bottles of urine at her. The singer whilst performing had one fan try to poke his hand into her beans.

The singer who has always hated touchy disgusting fans beat this man’s hand with the microphone.

She then told the partiers that she’s not a hoe to be bad touched. And if they want one, they can go and bring a prostitute on to the stage to touch.

This forced the fans into anger and they demanded her to vacate the stage. On top of that, they started throwing bottles full of urine at her.

The no nonsense singer decided to walk off stage and leave them counting their losses. A day earlier, the Jangu singer had beaten up a fan who tried to stuff money into her bra.

Over the years, Nwagi has dealt merciless with disrepectful fans either by beating them or smashing their phones.

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