Video: Pressure – Leila Kayondo calls for HIV testing challenge after dissing Alien Skin

It seems like songstress Leila Kayondo didn’t know what she was diving into after she dissed Alien Skin’s music. The Awo singer said that the Sitya Danger singer’s music is whack.

This forced several harsh comments from the public. Some of these told her to take her HIV medicine and mind her peace.

Leila however seemed to be bothered by these allegations. She said that she’s not sick and wants to do a public HIV testing.

She called upon anyone accusing her to come forward. The singer pointed out Douglas Lwanga and his wife Linda Lisa as the trusted people to handle the process.

On top of that, anyone who accuses her should also be ready to undergo a blood test and when it’s done, the results shall be posted online.

It seems the singer wasn’t warned that Alien Skin and Bobi Wine are a no go zone on Ugandan social media. Anyone who wants to die a premature virtual dead should dare insult these two.

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