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SCREENSHOTS: Hon Mukasa Mbidde exposed by lady!

Hon Mukasa Mbidde has been exposed on social media by one of the ladies.

He is accused of purchasing some items and failing to pay for them yet he received them.

The screenshots of the conversation he has with the lady has been posted on social media and it is very clear that this Member of Parliament got them.

So far he hasn’t been responding to the lady and she has decided to post everything on social media for people to see.

“Hope oli fyn darling
Am your follower everywhere would have used my Airtel u know but yafunyemu obuzibu
Tusaba kutubanjazako Hon Mukasa Mbide bambi on your platforms

Dear sisters, I great you all in the name of Christ, coming in my true identity because I need your help. I would love you to help me recover my money from Hon Mukasa mbidde

Martha is my name and I am a carpenter by proffession. Around December I was contacted by Hon Mbidde to make him furniture for his home. However, during that time I requested him to give me some time till Jan as I had just given birth (C-section) and I had barely made a month. So when jan reached, we started business as agreed. By end of Feb, I was through with everything and had supplied them to him.

Kindly note that the money he deposited first was 2m cash, Followed by 5m via my bank and then 2m via mobile money. However, he is left with a bal of shs.11,250,000/=. This is less the stools I still have at my place. (Came in after I had already made and delivered the other items).

Dear sisters, for me to finish up this order I requested mum to get me a ka loan from their teacher’s SACCO with the hope that when am through with the order I would have the money in a lump sum so I clear. However, it has never been the case. The interest is pilling up day after day and now am confused and very worried wondering what to do.

This guy has made a number of promises about the clearing of the bal but non has been honoured. These days he even stopped responding to my whatsup messages and for the calls, he actually doesn’t pick them. Unless when I change numbers. I have tried all I could but he has refused to help me pay my ka money

I know you never fail. I am sure some of you have seen this already on Twitter but I am using all possible means to deliver my message so he pays my ka money.

Byebyo mummy sorry for disturbing u tweyanziza nyo my Senga we ensonga🤸🏼‍♀️💃💃💃💃

Thank you dear

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