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VIDEO: Watch Grenade Official touch Rahmah Pinky sharp pointed b00bs live on camera

HeSinger Grenade Official is not about to tame his weird behavior towards women especially in public places.

He was this fine filmed trying to bad touch a fellow singer teenager Rahma Pinky live on camera.

Rahma Pinky and Grenade Official are friends all the way from Team No Sleep where they were all signed by Jeff Kiwa.

Pinky is the first one that left then followed by Grenade Official. They both left because of different reasons but they stayed friends for some reasons.

Like any other friends, the two hangout sometimes to catch up on what they missed for the time they are always apart.

This time around it wasn’t the usual meet up, Grenade Official tried to go beyond the friendship although Rahma Pinky pushed him away.

This is not the first time Grenade does weird things towards women. He was previously said to have stolen a smart watch from a sugar mummy he was dating.

Here is the video;

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