VIDEO: Zari takes her marital woes with Shakib to the People’s Court

Socialite Zari Hassan has decided to take her marriage troubles with toddler hubby Shakib Lutaaya to the public. It should be noted that a private conversation between Zari and a Ugandan promoter in London was leaked.

This is after the two got disagreements pertaining to their agreement. In the voice note, Zari qas heard calling her man a ‘FALA’ who has a lot of village tendencies in him.

Apparently, this didn’t please Shakib, who took to his social media pages to demand respect from the socialite. However the mother of 5 said that this woman leaked their conversation in bad faith.

Besides, the context in which she trashed Shakib was way different from what this promoter made it look like. Apparently her voice note was more of a joke and they were just conversing.

She only told this lady this ti get her to call Shakib to get serious with his travel documents because she qas telling him to be serious about it but he wasn’t.

Zari added that she’s well traveled but still fears immigration because they are so strict and Shakib could have been sent back.

Zari added that she respects Shakib so much and there is no way she would dare to disrespect him as she treats him as the king he is.

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