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VIDEO: Watch as Sheebah shares special moment with mother

Despite reports that songstress Sheebah’s mother doesn’t enjoy some of the aspects of her career such as the dress code since she’s a traditional and religious woman, there is no absolute doubt on the mother-daughter bond between the two.

The Nkujukira singer took to her Instagram page and dropped a video of her having a conversation with her mother.

Apparently her mom, told her how she is not so good with English since she didn’t complete school.

She stopped after completing primary six as there was no money for her to continue.

Besides her mother opted for her brother to continue as Sheebah’s mother would help on the chores at home.

This was despite the fact that she was so brilliant in school. And the brother who was sent for further studies became a nuisance after becoming the chief of drunkards in their home area.

Sheebah said that she’s so proud of her mother always loves to have such conversations with her.

Besides she’s a very strong woman since she raised one monster of woman (Sheebah) to break the generational curses and finish what she started.

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