VIDEO: Online dating gone wrong! Sekadama tricked by village girl

Dating online can really be fun for various reasons but can also turn out ro be catastrophic. This was the case for a certain nkuba kyeyo who had just returned to Uganda.

Apparently this sekadama had been talking with this lady while abroad. She sent sexy photos of him and even told him that she’s at university.

However, this guy was shocked at the time of meeting. He hired one of the investigative journalists to help him out.

And what they saw was truly shocking different. The woman was living somewhere in a village and was never even close to the photos she used to send the money.

The man named Ivan asked her if she’s the one he’s been talking to and she confirmed. However, what shocked him the more is that she was even pregnant.

He went ahead to ask whether this is the university she told him where she lives. Embarrassed, the woman turned onto the journalist who had thrown her into a bait and started insulting her.

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