VIDEO: Late Kato Lubwama’s son Conrad celebrates 25th birthday

Ba mulekwa b'omugenzi Kato Lubwama nga boogerako ei abakungubazi; ali ku muzindaalo ye Sarah Lubwama, asooka ku kkono ye Mutenda, asooka ku ddyo ye Collins Mwambazi Lubwama, amuddiridde mu jacket emmyuufu ne black ye Conrad Ssaabwe Lubwama, , nga boogerako eri abakungubazi, wakayti ye mubaka Muhammad Nsereko owa Kampala Central abadde mukwnao gw'omugenzi

Late Kato Lubwama’s son Conrad is celebrating his 25th birthday and is dedicating it to his fallen father.

Kato Lubwama used to keep his family out of media and all his children have just been introduced to the media after his death.

People always wondered who Kato Lubwama’s children and wife are but during the burial they were all showed.

Few days after burying him, Kato Lubwama’s elder son has celebrated his 25th birthday and he has dedicated it to his father.

He said their father used to protect them from all the obstacles and now they have to learn to live without him in their lives.

Happy birthday Conrad.

Here is the video;

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