VIDEO: Watch angry Ugandan knock down a traffic officer trying to stop him

There is a trending video on social media of a traffic officer being knocked down by a one Ugandan.

This officer was trying to stop the car but the person behind the wheel wasn’t willing stop and talk to the traffic man.

In Uganda, they are always saying there is so much corruption in security people. Especially those working on roads get money from drivers in order to let them go without full documents.

But this time around it didn’t go as planned as they always do. It is like the person who was driving the car was very tired of traffic people.

Despite that, there wasn’t any reason for that person to knock down the traffic person.

In the video recorded, it is not clear if this traffic officer got injuries from the knocking. But what is clear is that he was knocked and the car kept on moving.

Here is the video;

What do you think?

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