PHOTOS: Drama! Catholic church refuses to pray for late Kato Lubwama’s body

Drama has erupted at the home of the late Kato Lubwama as the Catholic church refuses to pray for his dead body.

They said he died without going to church, he was a believer of small gids and now there is no way the church can take over.

Kato Lubwama died on Wednesday early this week without getting sick. He was announced dead hours after doing some interviews with media houses.

It is said he died of a heart attack because he had been struggling with heart diseases for some years.

In his will, Kato Lubwama had said people shouldn’t burry him immediately. He asked to stay for a week and his family honored his wish.

So he is to be burried next week on Wednesday. The problem is that the Catholic church weres he was baptised has refused to pray for him.

His longtime friend Pastor Bugingo is the one that has taken over and prayed for his body as it arrived in his home for the first time ever since he died.

This was reported by Bukedde Television as they took some photos and shared them on social media.

“Oluvannyuma lwa Klezia okuzira omulambo gwa Kato Lubwama olw’okufa nga musamize, Musumba Bugingo,” Bukedde Television reported.

Here are the photos;

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