VIDEO: Pallaso prays for miracle to fall from heaven to fill up Lugogo Cricket Oval

Musician Pius Mayanja popularly known as Pallaso is up to a huge task today ahead of his LoveFest concert. Normally all roads would have been leading to Lugogo but after his fight with Alien Skin, some will branch off to Entebbe road.

The singer really put himself in a tough spot after beating up Alien Skin and the Tonkaka singer retaliated by putting up an alternative concert.

Well Pallaso has already heard all his preparations fully completed and he’s now just awaiting his fans to make Lugogo Cricket Oval flood.

The singer has dedicated his concert to God. And some of his friends were seen together with him yesterday at the venue throwing prayer after prayer.

Apparently the singer indeed does need the prayers because so far alp odds look to have turned against him despite being the ‘big dawg’ when compared with Alien Skin.

Both concerts are set to go down today, the 9th of June 2023.

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