VIDEO: Watch as Bajjo markets Alien Skin’s concert to MUWARABU

Uganda is simply a movie and everyday is like a day in the cinema. A hilarious video making rounds on social media has showed controversial and motor mouthed events promoter, Bajjo Alifunsi trying to market Alien Skin’s concert to an Arab woman.

Apparently, the video starts with Bajjo asking this woman which concert she’s attending between Pallaso and Alien Skin’s.

The woman looks confused and asks him what he’s trying to mean. Bajjo goes ahead to ask if she knows Alien Skin who he brands the best musician in Uganda.

With the woman looking more confused, Bajjo tells her that Alien Skin means ‘ekimenke’ in Luganda.

However, this lady doesn’t seem to make any sense of what Bajjo is saying. Fuether he probes her about Alien Skin and even goes ahead to mention several planets such Jupiter and Mars to drive his point home of Alien Skin.

The woman who is however already lost with his nonsensical talk threatens to cut off the call and goes ahead to do so. Bajjo is left cursing even branding a ‘musambwa.’

What do you think?

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