VIDEOS: Here is all your missing about Dr. Kulthum and Bad Black’s juicy drama

Bad Black and Dr.Kulthum the late Sheikh Muzaata’s widow are keeping social media entertained with their drama.

All this came after Bad Black attacked Kulthum’s husband Akram Gumisiriza calling him a school drop out who is trying to fake his life.

Obviously no one wants a fellow woman to attack their men. Kulthum’s husband also attacked Bad Black’s man hence causing real drama.

Bad Black couldn’t stay cool, she went live on social media and addressed Kulthum and her husband calling them all the nasty words.

According to Kulthum, she doesn’t want to be dragged in any of this drama and if Bad Black continues to mention her they will go in Court.

Bad Black also replied to her that she doesn’t want to be threatened. If they want to go to court she is ready with her lawyers.

“The law s open don’t threat me also slim daddy will take ur mawuube in court stop acting kiddish you don’t need to look for me tell Cid to call me 0782701466will come with my lawyers
I need to sleep Musangala advocates there my lawyers,”

Here are the videos;

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