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VIDEO: Watch BBS’ Haffy Powers fake bum getting exposed live on camera

BBS television presenter Haffy Powers has been exposed live on camera with her fake bum and hips.

She accidentally posted the video on her social media platforms not knowing that fans will notice and call her out on that.

Unfortunately, they quickly noticed and they commented telling her to stop faking her body and be real like her fellow other women.

Haffy Powers wasn’t happy with the comments. She defended herself saying nothing is fake on her. She said she was gifted naturally and she thanks Allah for that.

But in reality, nothing is real because in the video it is very clear that she wearing something underneath her clothes.

Here is the video;

Ugandan female celebrities are always trying hard to get men’s attention. Even if it requires someone to bleach their skin or even show off their body they do that.

But for Haffy Powers, it didn’t go well with her because she was exposed and she has nothing to say but defend herself.

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