VIDEO: Did it end in tears? Watch Kulthum’s husband Akram cry like a baby on social media

It seems the level of depression that people are currently going through is a lot. This is because they randomly break down into tears.

Recently, it was celebrated NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe and this time round, it’s Akram Gumisiriza, the husband of Kulthum Nabunya, the widow to the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata.

In this video, Akram is seen crying uncontrollably but the reason is not clear as to what had happened to him.

Some social media users have started cutting word that Kulthum could have disappointed and left him heartbroken hence the tears.

It should be noted that the two a few months ago held a glamorous wedding. Kulthum also recently flew to the US for a vacation and pregnancy test.

We shall keep you updated with this story as it develops.

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