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PHOTO: Rickman Manrick cuts off dreads to please father in law Frank Gashumba

Singer Rickman Manrick has cut off his hair to please his father in law Frank Gashumba.

This came after he said he doesn’t want him to marry even date his daughter because his looks are disgusting. In fact he looks like Konny.

By the time Frank Gashumba said this, Rickman Manrick was already in love with Sheilah Gashumba and the two don’t look like they can forego their relationship.

According to Rickman, he is determined to marry Sheilah Gashumba because he sees the whole future in her.

And one way to go about that is to please her father first, get a blessing and then continue with the relationship/marriage.

Since Frank Gashumba said one thing he doesn’t like are dreads, Rickman has cut them off.

Here are the photos;

We are not sure if he will now be accepted or if Frank Gashumba will keep rejecting him as the father in law.

It should be noted that Sheilah Gashumba is a daddy’s girl. She was raised by a single father and she is the only child to Frank Gashumba.

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