VIDEO: Watch as Pastor Kakande spiritually fights with sheep

For now, we have to consider our local church leaders especially those from Born Again church as some of the best comedians in the land.

And Synagogue Church of All Nations Pastor, Prophet Samuel Kakande would definitely be their president.

Whether they are miracles or not, what he does in his church can’t leave you the same. And of course your lips and ribs will get a cracking miracle.

Kakande this time was involved in a fierce fight against one of his followers. This man was from South Africa and wanted a fight with the self styled man of God.

Apparently, he thought he could beat Kakande one on one and requested his brother to set up the fight and the Prophet didn’t reject it.

They of course got down to the basics and started fighting. Kakande however didn’t touch this man at all.

He beat him invisibly minus touching him and the man acted his part very well of being beaten.

He was joined by his brother but Kakande roughed them up and knocked them out without laying a punch or kick on them physically.

And they also acted as if they had gotten beaten indeed. If you thought that Ugandan or Indian films are the funniest thing you have seen, then below is a piece for you.

What do you think?

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