VIDEO: Watch a Fight in Owino market as vendors fight for clients

Most of us have all been to St Balikuddembe market aka Owino and we can tell the disorganization there. In a bid to land clients, people are always swarmed by these vendors in a bid to entice them to buy their merchandise.

Some times a vendor finds you at a certain stall and makes sure to take you to their spot promising you better deals and products.

Well in a video posted on social media, two friends clashed over a clients and they almost ended up fighting.

These cloth selling vendors had to be separated by another vendor. One woman accused the other of stealing her clients and they then resorted to insults.

As they almost fell into each other’s neck, a male vendor stepped up and separated them.

Meanwhile the other vendors called upon the one who was trying to deescalate the situation to leave them to fight.

What do you think?

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