VIDEO: Angella Katatumba opens up about ‘pulling’ and summersaulting in bed

Singer and business woman Angella Katatumba has opened up about pulling and summersaulting in bed to please a man.

She said she will never do those things because even those that did them are still divorced and suffering.

Angella Katatumba is one of Ugandan ladies that don’t believe in tradition things especially when it comes to marriage.

Here in Buganda, there are some things told to a lady so that she can keep her man. One of the things ia pulling.

According to Angella Katatumba, pulling is one of the ridiculous things for her to do. She said she can never because it is not right.

She said these ‘Sengas’ are just misleading young ladies who end up thinking they are bewitched once the pulling doesn’t work.

Angella said she was even once advised to urinate in bed while having sex so that the man can stay with her

Here is the video;

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