Video: Shocking miralces – Pastor Kayanja pours substances into believers

The Christian born again churches are definitely the kings of miracles without a doubt and if you doubt, maybe a visit there would do you good.

Over time, these churches and pastors have been seen doing some of the most bizarre things.

Well Miracle Centre Cathedral pastor, Robert Kayanja is one of the most prominent ‘men of God’ and there is no way he would be so if he couldn’t perform miracles.

A video of him at his church and his congregation has appeared online raising varied reactions.

The flamboyant pastor is seen pouring some substances into his flock.

This white substance looks like salt but others have said it’s oil.

Kayanja can be seen collecting it in a cup and pouring it into the crowd as they all fight to get it.

It’s not clear what the purpose was but some have said that it’s for purging evil spirits and delivering blessings.

Below is the video which has become viral on the internet.

What do you think?

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