VIDEO: Isma Olaxess’ father breaks down while talking about his late son

There is no doubt about how any parent loathes their child going 6ft under the ground before them. This is no matter how old they are because it’s truly heartbreaking.

Yet the late social media blogger Isma Olaxess’ father had to go through this debacle.

Appearing in an interview with Galaxy, he broke down as he described his late son.

He said that his son was his everything. According to his own words, Isma was his best friend and the one who took care of him.

Whatever Isma got, he would first run to his father to make sure that he has a taste of it.

Fuethermore, Jajja Ichuli’s death added that his son had many reputable friends.

He can’t believe that he got condolences from the President, first son, Speaker of Anita Among among others.

Furthermore, people from near and afar, as far as the US and Europe have been sending him condolences.

This therefore shows the type of person his son was. Additionally, he said that he has nothing to do if this was God’s wish.

He will have to live with it for the rest of his life. It should be recalled that investigations are still ongoing into the death of Isma.

He was gunned down last week amd murdered in cold blood as he returned to his home after a day out having fun.

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