VIDEO: Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga blasts the late Isma Olaxess

As majority of the people are mourning and eulogizing the late Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Olaxess, not everyone is or has kind words for him.

Despite the sayings that bad can’t be spoken about someone dead, the Katikiro wasn’t going to let this happen.

While describing the late Jajja Ichuli, the Katikiro said that Isma seemed like a man who didn’t reason well before he spoke.

He was always quick to speak about things he had no idea of before thoroughly thinking of the ramifications.

And definitely this could have been what led to his untimely and unfortunate demise.

It should be also recalled that Isma in his several live shows and videos blasted the Nnaabagereka of Buganda Kingdom, Sylvia Nagginda.

This was at the heat of the Nnaabagereka’s revelation of having twins with the Kabaka which the kingdom denied having no knowledge about.

Without fear, he told her to close her legs and use more of her brains a thing that didn’t sit well with several people especially from the Kingdom.

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