VIDEO: Old man nabbed with a primary going pupil trying to seduce her

This world is not really safe at all and always make sure that you trust the kind of people your children are bound to interact with.

This is because these fellas however okay they might seem, they are actually sick and evil.

This was the case of a certain man who was nabbed with a very young girl fit to be his daughter.

Apparently this young girl had books in her bag and a uniform. It sees this silly man had convinced the girl to channel off her way to school in order to sleep with her.

Luckily he was nabbed by the locals before he could do anything to her. He was asked why he was trying to defile a girl fit to be his daughter but had no answers.

Fortunately for him too, the people were very lenient and didn’t do any mob justice to him.

But this has been the case and is the case for many girls out there who suffer at the hands of such devils.

What do you think?

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