Video: No way – woman does dirty things to commercial food in a restaurant

We have at one time eaten food downtown. In fact it’s what we have grown on and this will always be unforgettable in our lives because those women were always there for us especially at our lowest.

However, one thing we all clearly know is that the hygiene in these places is never pleasing.

In fact that’s why they say that if you’re in these places, just eat and don’t go around forcing your nose where it shouldn’t be.

But with the emergence of social media and smartphones, everything can be brought to light.

Well a certain woman in a ‘toninyira’ as they are popularly referred to can be seen preparing matooke.

However, the way she’s pressing it make it compact is just sickening. First and foremost, she’s preparing the food in a very dirty place.

Secondly, she can be seen using a sack (kadeya) which we all know contributes to cancer due to the toxins in it.

This woman furthermore shockingly pours the water she was shocked washing her hands in into he food which is moments away from being ready to be served.

Maybe this could be the secret as to why the food is downtown is so sweet.

What do you think?

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