Video: Beautiful moments with Alpha Ssali and Zuena Kirema

The family of musician Bebe Cool is absolutely one of the most loveliest in the country.

The singer has 5 kids together with his wife (Alpha Thierry Ssali, Beata Ssali, Cayman Ssali, Deen Ozil Ssali and Eman Ssali).

Bebe Cool however also has an older son, Allan Hendricks. His family is indeed a tight one and they can be described as one big happy family.

His older son Alpha Thierry Ssali posted a video of him and his mother Zuena Kirema having some quality time at home.

The Proline FC footballer recorded himself miming to a song before calling his mother to join in and she did.

This just shows what every family needs, a great relationship between parents and their children not entering the house and everybody scatters to different directions.

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