VIDEO: Watch Bebe Cool and King Saha finally become best friends

Singer Bebe Cool and King Saha have finally settled their differences and now are rumored to be best friends.

This came after several years of attacking each other and even exposing their bad behavior about each other in the public.

It started with Bebe Cool who called out King Saha for his use of drugs in the public. He told him that if he doesn’t stop it, it will kill his career.

That was it for King Saha, after hearing and reading that on social media, he started from their to hate on Bebe Cool and speak bad about him all the time.

He even did a song about him ‘Zakaayo’ telling him to mind about his business and leave other people’s children a lone.

The last time King Saha attacked Beb Cool was on Eidi where he said he is not a Muslim because he doesn’t fast. He only thinks about marrying more than one wife.

Over the weekend, Eddy Kenzo organized a dinner where he invited both of them. They showed up, sat down ate together and re-united.

According to Eddy Kenzo, that’s what he wants to see as an artiste because unity plays a big role in the music industry.

“I was happy to see Bebe Cool and King Saha share a table and talk to each other. That’s what the music industry should be about nothing else,” Eddy Kenzo said in an interview with Sanyuka television.

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