PHOTOS: Here are Minister Charles Engola’s last public appearance

The Minister of State for Labour, Employment, and Industria Relations, Charles Okello Engola’s last public appearance on May 1st in Namutumba District

The Minister was attending the national Labour Day celebrations. Little did he know that the day after that would be his death.

Hon Charles Engola’s death was very tragic. He was shot dead by one of his body guards a UPDF Army man.

He was killed in front of his car and later the army guy went outside the gate shouting and saying he hasn’t been paid for a while.

According to eye witnesses, he said he doesn’t have problems with an ordinary person but the government for not paying hm.

He left another army guy he was working with also shot and severely injured. He was rushed into the hospital and his health hasn’t been revealed to the public.

The guy that killed Minister Charles Engola shot himself from a saloon outside the premises of the minister.

Here are his last public appearance !

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