Video: Zari picks egg plants and garden eggs from her garden

How many of you would think that the self styled boss lady Zari Hassan with all the ‘exoticness’ and money she has could go to a garden.

And above all to pick egg plants (bilinganya) and garden eggs (entula) for her next meal.

Well she proved that having lots of money doesn’t mean you shop everything or resort to eating over-fried spicy foods.

The mother of 5 was recorded while in her village in the garden busy picking these edibles to go and cook.

Seems like marriage is already treating to her marital responsibilities. It should be recalled that Zari and her beau, Shakib Lutaaya held an Islamic marriage ceremony, Nikkah last month.

And what better way to start fitting into her role as a wife by cooking for her man a nice local meal.

Kudos to you Bosslady because despite all the wealth, you are still true to yourself and not like these little spoilt slay queens whose only profession is hookups.

What do you think?

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