Video: Pallaso reveals Jose Chameleon’s childhood secrets

Singer Dr Jose Chameleone celebrated his 44th birthday over the weekend and he had a number of musicians in attendance for the party.

The likes of Bebe Cool, Mesach Ssemakula, Catherine Kusasira, B2C, Pallaso, King Michael, Eddy Kenzo among others were all present.

Among those that gave a speech was his younger brother Pallaso. The self styled king of the east said that his older brother was a special child when they were growing up.

He was the type who was so quick at thinking and delivering (mujagu jagu).

Apparently if a toy got released today, they would be having it at their homestead before it got anywhere else.

The Leone Island boss would make sure he either buys it, gets it as a gift or shoplifts it but by all means he had to have it.

And it wouldn’t last a day in their home. Soon as they were done playing with it, his siblings would find it at a neighbour’s home and would be informed that Chameleone sold it to them.

The Malamu singer hailed his brother as one he has grown up looking up to and still looks up to.

He called him the only lion man he has seen in his entire life who can weather down anything.

Pallaso also appreciated each and every artist who came out to celebrate his brother before urging musicians both old and new to respect each other.

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