VIDEO: NO BAD BLOOD! Watch Pallaso re-unite with David Lutalo

Singer Pallaso has finally re-united with fellow singer David Lutalo after a series of attacking each other in the media.

Pallaso and David Lutalo were never friends but still they were not enemies. They were just musicians who meet and greet each other.

But David Lutalo started the war by commenting about Pallaso’s music career and criticizing it. He said he thinks he is not a good artiste.

Having gone throgh a lot to get on top of his game, Pallaso wasn’t happy with David Lutalo and the only thing he did was to respond to him by attacking him too

The two continued not until Pallaso went to perform at Kabaka’s birthday party that his behavior changed and stopped talking about David Lutalo.

Like mature people, now Pallaso has met David Lutalo and they have settled their matters.

Pallaso’s Mother was present as they hugged each other and smiled like nothing has ever happened between them.

Here is the video;

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