Video: Man refuses to pay girlfriend after chewing her

Locals in Kampala were left in shock after a couple got stuck outside a lodge. These were arguing over what they had just done inside the lodge.

Apparently the man had refused to pay this woman after feasting on her sumbie unlimited.

Their argument outside gathered locals who enquired what was going on. They at first thought that the man was a thief not until they had the whole story.

Some wanted the man to pay for the services he got while others wanted the man to be let to go since he had no money.

A wide range of opinions started flowing in and the woman too couldn’t let the man go minus paying her full dues.

The locals however hugely supported the man saying if it wasn’t the first time for themselves chewing each other, the man shouldn’t pay.

Seeing that he had got the support of the locals, this man also became adamant to pay.

He questioned the woman whether she hadn’t enjoyed the time they were inside together.

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