Prima Kardashi reveals shocking details about ex Geosteady and his career

Prima Lusaniya CEO Prima Kardashi has revealed shocking details about her ex and baby daddy Geosteady with his music career.

Geosteady has been in the music industry for so many years. Prima Kardashi was his girlfriend from the beginning but after making it they broke up.

By the time they broke up in 2019, they already had two beautiful daughters together that will keep them closer forever.

At the beginning of their breakup, they couldn’t talk to each other but with the children in between they started talking again.

According to Prima Kardashi when they started talking, Geosteady was failing musically and he had tried to get a hit song but failed totally.

Prima said he was in America trying to find a life their and stop singing as a career because it wasn’t working out.

As a mother of his children, he encouraged him to get back and she will help him to restart his career. Unfortunately after a come back, Geosteady didn’t appreciate, he just attacked Prima.

According to Prima, it surprised her that Geosteady couldn’t speak the truth about their relationship and friendship just because he wanted to please his current girlfriend.

“I never wanted to say this on air but I helped Geosteady get back on his feet in this music industry. He had failed completely, he was in the USA trying t stay their to start life. When he told me I said he should come back and I help him which I did. Unfortunately he only abused me instead of appreciating what I had done for him,” Prima Kardashi said

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