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VIDEO: Watch Spark TV’s Livewire presenters fight live on air

A verbal fight broke out between Spark TV’s Livewire presenters Immy Candace and Flavia Mawagi live on TV.

This followed a story the two were doing on the station in yesterday’s episode.

As these programs are known for lugambo and shouting, the two weren’t contented with themselves.

Immy started a story before Mawagi stopped her midway. She took it over and then started criticizing Immy Candace that she didn’t know the entire story she was talking about very well.

This didn’t sit well with Immy who kept her cool despite the provocations.

Mawagi even reached to a point of telling Immy Candace that she should know that she (Mawagi) came to Spark TV before her.

Immy decided to compose herself and continue with the program but she was definitely not happy at all.

Social media users have come out to condemn the duo for unprofessionalism.

However Mawagi has taken much of the blame because she’s one who interrupted Immy and has done so on numerous occasions.

They even accused of getting Caroline Marcah sacked

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