Video: Sammie Manini and Brenan Baby womanize themselves again

It seems like TikTokers Sammie Manini and Brenan Baby are not yet about to ditch their skits that portray them as women.

The two have somehow become enveloped in their skit female roles and everyone sees them as women despite being women.

Their content is based on mimicking female roles but their followers somehow feel there is something wrong with them and this has gotten completely out of hand.

For a long time, they have been getting trolled but they seem not to care and continue to work on their craft.

The two have now released another skit they collaborated on with Sammie Manini as the ssenga advising his daughter Brenan to be careful with men.

Hmm man money and relevancy are two hard destructive things without a doubt.

It should meanwhile be recalled that Sammie Manini was a few weeks ago implicated in LGBTQ stuff.

A video of him recorded a couple of years ago had him talking of how he was g@y and even offered massage services to fellow men who he would knock him.

Although he said that he did it for money, few people believe his stories and think that he’s still into these things.

What do you think?

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