Video: I used to chew fellow women – girl confesses

Man, horrible times we are living in because somwbofbrhe confessions that people make will leave you wondering if we live in the same world.

People have all sorts of weird confessions that at times you believe are made up and one person who has become so used to these confessions is Galaxy FM Mid Morning Tukone show presenter Mr Henrie.

A lady called in and confessed to him how she’s been bonking fellow women.

She said that this vice started while she was in senior two. It is here that the habit grew slowly until it became uncontrollable.

There was also a female teacher who got attracted to her and she didn’t spare but rather scissored her.

However she advised fellow girls not to do the same thing. This is because there is nothing good in it and it will only lead to regret.

What do you think?

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